The last supper

He wore simple clothes to cover his fragile body. His curly hair rested on his skinny shoulders. He drank a sip of wine. After a few seconds, he broke the bread in several pieces and offered around. Each of the twelve men gladly accepted their part. He rose from his chair, speaking softly to them.

“Each of you shall speak once, my friends,
For this is our last supper together
And I can think of nothing better
Than to hear your words before Today ends.”

He sat again, drinking calmly.

Otto was light. He seemed to float while he spoke.

“I have been to many places. So many faces.
The road has been my mistress. So many mysteries.
I still miss the smoky air, the nights’ embraces
All the faces of different races in various places.
How I enjoy all of life’s beautiful traces.”

Martin wore very simple clothes; he looked a bit ragged.

“I will tell you of the haven I have found.
That, my friends, is my life’s playground!
Long have I searched for a place such as this
Its smoky evenings are underground bliss!”

Decebal looked a bit tired. And cold. But he was a graceful man. He had hope in his eyes.

“In cold skies I was flying, night and day
On a magic carpet, shaped like a cloud
Then came the angel I’d like to steal away
Blowing a golden horn, bright and loud”

Norman was exhausted. He coughed a little bit, sickly, before starting.

“Hard days have come upon me.
If not for my good friends’ help.
I don’t know where I would be.
I’d be nothing but a dying whelp.”

Seth was strong and confident. He looked cool.

“I soon have to leave my cat-eyed lover;
Life awaits me, everywhere but home.
I never thought this time would come
Now I’m ready to roll. I’ll join my brother.”

Janos was drunk. This is what he had to say:

“Out. Back. Out again, but back this time.
Warm weather. Light like a feather.
In outer space, everyone heard me rhyme.
Back again. This time, for the better.”

Ferenc looked amazed and, at the same time, afraid.

“I have come to this cold land from afar
I was told by others it would be bizarre
But I have fallen in love with every color and scent
And I’m sure every minute here will be time well spent”

Albertus was confident and flamboyant.

“I touched the heavens in the name of the Queen.
The mansion I live in has the brightest colors I’ve ever seen.
I found love everywhere, how happy have I been!
And I know all this power comes from within...”

Joneleth was lightly dressed and had the eyes of a madman.

“I’ve seen a god reborn and made flesh again
I realize now, my rituals gave me little to no gain.
I’ve hidden myself from the sun far too long.
How sad have I become, now aware that I was wrong...”

Jules spoke in a passionate way, but added a hint of sadness in the end.

“I will always remember the smell of her hair.
I will always remember how grand was my lair.
I will always remember the friends that I had.
I will never forget the three I found dead.”

Gus had a very relaxed way of talking. He also looked like he was daydreaming.

“Oh, the iron creatures dancing in the magic garden!
Oh , the rain that feeds the greenest weed!
Oh, the wooden house of which I am the sole warden!
Oh, how glad I am, my soul’s been freed!”

Ma'awiya moved lazily in his chair. He spoke slowly, almost whispering.

“I’ve seen myself in the mirror of reason.
That brought me to a change of season.
My business is to sing to your soul,
And I’ll do that really soft and slow.”

All of them looked fondly at their master. They loved him, and he loved them. He raised his cup, and the twelve men did the same.

“I thank all of you, who are my soul.
Enjoy the last moments of this age
For in some hours, we’ll have a new role.
We’re on our way to meet the great sage
Who will make us, at last, one and whole.”

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