In Northern Land

How delightful is existence
Through its idea, this point I reached
Blessed its divine insistence!
- Of which I heard and preached
With no lack of elegance
Many boundaries have I breached.

T’was our first night in northern land
Me and my brother, hand in hand
We beheld its moon and sun, we saw its sand

A fair lady took us there
Her voice was changed but not her soul
Misterious smile, deep eyes; mesmerizing hair
A gift from the gods, we met elsewhere
Her brother knew how to rock and roll
So he took us to his lair.

Into the battlefield we went
Against adversaries hellbent;
Three nordic warriors and an eastern enchanter

I was the bard, he was the might
I sang my song, he won the fight
He was too much for them; an annihilator.

Victory is ours, the loot we take
Tonight we sleep profound
The warrior – whose land is found –
Has secured the means, yet this round
For the coming trip we have to make...

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